Check out the new SABR Games and Simulations Committee website

Are you interested in baseball games, from vintage table games to computer and video-game simulations? Then follow along with the SABR Games and Simulations Committee’s brand-new website, which launched this weekend at

Led by committee co-chairs Richard Bergstrom and Joe Runde, the SABR Baseball Gaming site will include essays and articles on all sorts of baseball games — how they mirror baseball, how they effectively further our understanding of how the sport actually works, and how they influence our appreciation of its players, teams, and organizations.

You can also follow along with the Baseball Gaming committee on Twitter at @SABRbballgaming.

Check out some featured articles below:

The committee is also seeking contributions from any SABR members who wish to write about baseball games and simulations. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Richard Bergstrom at  

Originally published: April 23, 2018. Last Updated: April 23, 2018.