Chicago Tribune: How 2015 Cubs rank in advanced sabermetric stats

From Kori Rumore and Phil Geib at the Chicago Tribune on October 7, 2015, with mention of SABR members Bill James, Jim Albert, Ben Lindbergh, Vince Gennaro, and Jacob Pomrenke:

Woven into the Cubs’ success this season is talk of “The Plan,” the club’s blueprint for the future. Problem is, beyond broad strokes, it’s next to impossible to figure out what that plan actually is.”


One key ingredient, and a hallmark of [Cubs president Theo] Epstein’s approach, is the use of advanced statistics, known in the baseball world as sabermetrics.

Who better to explain sabermetrics than the man who coined the term? Bill James is a baseball writer an analyst widely recognized for being the first to use statistical analysis in this way. … “A modern front office is trying to convert dollars into wins,” James said in an e-mail. “Modern statistics are intended to help us understand how to get from dollars to wins.”


To help define the Cubs’ season, and understand how some advanced statistics work, the Tribune reached out to other sabermetrics experts. Here are some statistics that best illustrate the team’s success.

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Originally published: October 7, 2015. Last Updated: October 7, 2015.