Chris Dial appointed to SABR Board of Directors, replacing Fred Worth

The SABR Board of Directors has released the following statement:

The SABR Board of Directors is saddened to announce the resignation of Director Fred Worth, effective May 27, 2014. Worth’s wife, Beth, suffered a stroke this winter and he decided the amount of time that her care demands would keep him from being able to properly serve SABR’s interests. Worth’s counsel on the Board will be missed.

The SABR By-Laws provide that an open Director’s seat may be filled by the remaining Board members within 60 days by a 2/3 majority vote (in this case, 5 of 7 votes), or the Board must call a special election.

Chris Dial of Durham, North Carolina, has been appointed to fill Worth’s remaining term, effective June 8, 2014. Dial, a SABR member since 1994, is a frequent contender in recent SABR Board elections. The term expires at the end of the Annual Business Meeting at the 2016 SABR convention.

Dial was the second-place finisher in the recent election after processing the preferential ballots as if there were two director seats available, and he was also the runner-up in the Board selection process that resulted in Emily Hawks’ appointment to replace Paul Hirsch last year.

In 2013, Dial was named to the SABR Defensive Committee which adds a sabermetric component to the selection of the Rawlings Gold Glove Awards and Rawlings Platinum Glove Award, presented by SABR. He is the developer of a statistical measure called Runs Effectively Defended (RED), a defensive analysis system used in the formation of the SABR Defensive Index (SDI).

Dial also helped create and develop the SABR initiative of Chartered Communities, which launched in the fall of 2009; he is co-chair of the Baseball Think Factory chartered community. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from what is now Pfeiffer University in North Carolina. He is Director of Integration at Catalent Pharma Solutions, where he has worked since 1998.

Originally published: June 9, 2014. Last Updated: June 9, 2014.