Cilliers: Muskoka’s forgotten World Series champion, George Selkirk

From Roland Cilliers at the Huntsville Forester on August 29, 2017:

Who is the greatest athlete to ever come out of Huntsville?

A few names probably come to mind. There’s Jack Bionda the legendary lacrosse and hockey player with a local arena named after him. There’s also Olympic gold medallist Dara Howell who was feted with an enormous local party and had a downtown street named after her.

Someone you seldom hear mentioned and who currently isn’t in the Huntsville Sports Hall of Fame is George Selkirk.  

A New York Yankees’ outfielder with five world championships to his name and two appearances on the American League All-Star team, Selkirk is already an inductee in both the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame. Born in Huntsville in 1908, Selkirk moved south early in his life before embarking on a remarkably successful career in professional baseball.


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Originally published: August 30, 2017. Last Updated: August 30, 2017.