Cooper: The vision of Charles Conlon

From Emily Cooper at on December 2, 2019:

The work of photographer Charles M. Conlon exists as a visual record of both the creator and the subject. Working from 1904 to 1942, Conlon developed a proximity to baseball that molded his characteristic viewpoint that leads to the immediate attribution of his photographs.

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum Photo Archivist and Director of Digital Assets Kelli Bogan said Conlon’s contribution to baseball photography cannot be understated.

“Charles Conlon is considered to be the founder of baseball photography and remains the standard that all other photographers in the field are judged by,” Bogan said. “His eye for emotional and intimate portraits are compelling while the moments he captured on the field are a feat for this time in photography.”

The Hall of Fame Dean O. Cochran, Jr. Photograph Archives contains about 900 Conlon images – all with the distinctive point of view that elevates Conlon from fellow newspaper photographers of his era. His body of work stands alone and carries his name. Synonymous with 20th century baseball and published in the Sporting News, Spalding Base Ball Guide and New York World-Telegram, these images provide a glimpse into Conlon’s world.

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Originally published: December 3, 2019. Last Updated: December 3, 2019.