Cot’s Baseball Contracts now at Baseball Prospectus

Do you want to know just how bad Barry Zito’s contract is, or just how team-friendly Evan Longoria’s is? Are you wondering how much service time your team’s young stud has logged? Or, do you just want to pay tribute to the immortal Cot Tierney? You’ll find all of that and more on Jeff Euston’s Cot’s Contracts site, which can now be accessed directly at Baseball Prospectus:

Dave Pease explains the technical issues for the change:

The main reason for the move is tighter integration of the underlying dataset.  To be honest, our original hope was that we’d be able to swap in the Compensation pages for Cot’s entirely, as Cot’s is at its heart a series of blog posts and we can do much more interesting things with the data when we’ve got it in a proper database.  However, we’ve heard from a lot of people who liked Cot’s the way it was.  Heck, Jeff Euston works here, and we’re all in agreement that the site is well-designed, fast and easy to use.  Since Jeff didn’t mind updating the Cot’s data in two different places on a temporary basis, we were able to keep the Compensation pages data-fed and the Cots data updated in sync.

There’s no reason to duplicate that effort permanently.  We have almost all of that data in a database backing the Compensation pages and each player’s player cardhere’s a famous example–and coming soon to other different formats across the site.  If it is the Cot’s data in the Cot’s format that people want, when we get the entire Cot’s schema laid out and data replicated, we can output in the “classic” Cot’s format from the same data everything else is pulling from.

Moving the Cot’s stuff to our servers is a late step in that process.  Jeff’s in his last days of maintaining this data in this format.


To learn how to use the new BP Cot’s Contracts/Compenstation page, visit

Originally published: January 3, 2012. Last Updated: January 3, 2012.