Crasnick: Which Hall of Fame voters will tip their cap to Curt Schilling?

From SABR member Jerry Crasnick at on December 22, 2016: polled more than 50 Hall of Fame voters on the following two questions: (1) Do you vote for Curt Schilling; and (2) do his political views, outspokenness or activity on social media have any impact on how you view his candidacy?

Here are some of their responses.


Jayson Stark, ESPN

I’ve voted for Curt in the past. I plan to continue voting for him.

I’ve thought a lot about the character and integrity clause and how it affects the way we vote. It seems to me that just because any player on the ballot might say things that we disagree with as voters, that shouldn’t be enough to change a yes vote to a no. I’m not just talking about Curt here. I’m talking about anyone on the ballot. It’s America. I know the founding fathers weren’t thinking about baseball Hall of Fame voting when they drew up the First Amendment, but I’m pretty sure it applies. So I’ll evaluate Curt Schilling, the Hall of Fame candidate, the way I always have.


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Originally published: December 22, 2016. Last Updated: December 22, 2016.