Crawford: Ask the industry: Scouts on stats

From SABR member Chris Crawford at Baseball Prospectus on August 25, 2015:

Sabermetrics vs. scouting. Advanced statistics vs. player development. DRA vs. plus-plus fastball. The geeks vs. the dumb jocks.

These are the perceived battles of the sabermetric and scouting communities. You’ve likely seen “statistic-friendly” versions of games on television, ones that show Statcast and various metrics that teams have been employing for quite some time. These of course lead to the various Twitter fights about whether or not they’re necessary, and generally leads to me logging off social media for an hour or eight.

Of courseand you should be picking up a pattern by nowthis got me to thinking. Is there a great rift between the sabermetric and scouting communities? To help answer that, I asked three long-time scouts who have been with organizations long before the advanced-stat uprising howif at allit has changed the way they scout games, whether or not they believe there’s a battle between the two lines of thinking, and what stats they like to “use” when scouting. Their answers may surprise you.

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Originally published: August 26, 2015. Last Updated: August 26, 2015.