Cruz: Tribute to Peter Bjarkman held in ‘a place he loved’

From SABR member Reynaldo Cruz at Universo Béisbol on October 6, 2018:

The members of the Peña MLB Cuba, a baseball discussion group that sessions every Friday at John Lennon Square in Havana’s neighborhood of Vedado, took a classy step this last October 5th by paying tribute to the late Cuban baseball historian author and Peter C. Bjarkman, who died in Havana on four days earlier before boarding a plane after another one of his many baseball trips to Cuba. A Member of Honor of the group, Peter had interacted with all of them less than a week before. He was 77 at the time of his passing.

A Cuban and a US flag waved framing the picture of Bjarkman, who had visited that and many other discussion and debate groups in Cuba, every time and everywhere the subject of baseball was dealt with. This group was no exception, and every person attending the tribute had a story to tell about him, mainly those regarding the fact that even with his reputation he would not treat others with distance, but with confidence and openness.

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Originally published: October 12, 2018. Last Updated: October 12, 2018.