D’Addona: When the 1984 Tigers won 17 consecutive road games

From SABR member Dan D’Addona at the Detroit Athletic Co. on May 24, 2017:

The Detroit Tigers went wire-to-wire to win the 1984 World Series.

Few teams go wire-to-wire and have a 35-5 start to the season. But there are other unbelievable things that happened during that amazing season that easily get overlooked by their incredible start.

The anniversary of one of those underappreciated records is this week. On May 23, 1984, the Tigers defeated the California Angels 4-2. There wasn’t anything earth shattering about the game itself except that it was Detroit’s 16th consecutive road victory, tying an American League record. They would break it the next night with a 5-1 win for 17 in a row.

The more that number sinks in, the more impressive it is. To have 17 consecutive wins on the road is astonishing.

These are wins in different cities, after long plane rides, different ballparks, different time zones and against a variety of opponents, including starting pitchers.

It also was the first 17 road games of the season, making the streak even more impressive. It didn’t come in the middle of a season spread out or over the course of two seasons.

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Originally published: May 24, 2017. Last Updated: May 24, 2017.