Danahey: Talking baseball and race relations with Tim Wendel

From the Tim Danahey Show on April 22, 2015, with SABR member Tim Wendel:

Ferguson, South Carolina, Cleveland, Baltimore, New York. They are cities in the news for police actions against minorities. These tragic stories may make us think racial relations in America are falling apart. However, there was a time where teams were housed separately by color, when players had to use separate bathrooms, and special leagues were created to allow black players to take the field. It was a terrible reflection of society. However, baseball showed America that – when we define ourselves as a team and not separate us by race – we could overcome the prejudices of our times. Listen to baseball historian and author, Tim Wendel, and I sit back, relax, and enjoy the stories of Jackie Robinson, Bob Gibson, Willie Horton, Minnie Minoso, Sandy Koufax, and more as they united a divided country.

Listen to the podcast here: http://danahey.com/baseball-and-race-relations-with-tim-wendel/

Originally published: April 23, 2015. Last Updated: April 23, 2015.