Dankelson: Out of the park: David Krell’s new book traces Yankees’ role in popular culture

From Annie Dankelson at Maryland Today on May 21, 2019, on SABR member David Krell:


The latest book project by David Krell ’89 included gathering historical photos from libraries, scouring microfilm, visiting museums—and watching “Seinfeld” episodes.

That mishmash of research comes together in “The New York Yankees in Popular Culture,” published this week. The collection of essays from experts covers everything from Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle to George Costanza in a fresh exploration of one of sports’ most dominant franchises.

“You have to tie things together,” said Krell, the book’s editor, who contributed the essay “Of Calzones and Costanza,” about the Yankees’ impact on the popular sitcom. “Anyone could go list episodes. It’s my job to give context.”

Krell, a Mets fan at heart, found it impossible to avoid the Yankees while growing up in New Jersey. They’ve been to the World Series 40 times, winning the title a whopping 27—well more than any other club. He flipped through John M. Rosenburg’s “The Story of Baseball,” reading short biographies on greats like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, and listening to Phil Rizzuto call the games.

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Originally published: May 22, 2019. Last Updated: May 22, 2019.