De La Cretaz: Is there still a place for Ladies Night in baseball?

From Britni de la Cretaz at VICE Sports on June 28, 2017:

These “Girls of Summer” events and fantasy camps are part of a larger effort across all of baseball, from MLB’s most successful franchises to smaller clubs in independent leagues, to bring new fans to the ballpark. It’s a well-known fact at this point that baseball fans are aging, and the sport needs to attract more people to root for their home teams. One way to do this is to market to underrepresented groups, and Major League Baseball has a fairly male-heavy viewing audience—according to a 2013 Nielsen report, approximately 30 percent of viewers during the 2013 regular season were women (which is on par with most other major sports). It’s been a decades-long effort; in 2000, Bud Selig launched the Commissioner’s Initiative on Women and Baseball, a “comprehensive effort to help MLB and the 30 major league clubs build stronger relationships with female audiences.”

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Originally published: June 28, 2017. Last Updated: June 28, 2017.