Deane: Mid-season musings on baseball in 2018

From SABR member Bill Deane at WordPress on June 3, 2018:

With the 2018 baseball season more than one-third of the way over, here are some random musings:

Seattle’s Robinson Cano tested positive for a banned substance last month, and was suspended for 80 games – likely ending his label as “a future Hall of Famer.” Cooperstown voters have not been kind to most stars tainted by PEDs.

Some people wonder, “How could Cano be so stupid? Doesn’t he know he’s going to be tested?” The same sentiments arose when Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz, Chris Davis, Dee Gordon, and others were suspended in recent years. I can only presume that, “Of course they knew – they just had been getting away with it up to then, and thought they would continue doing so.”

As I understand it, the PED testing does not register a positive result unless the player has something like four times the normal amount of testosterone in his system. So, take PEDs, have only triple the normal amount of testosterone, and you’re good to go. But push the envelope too far, and you may wind up like Cano & company.

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Originally published: June 4, 2018. Last Updated: June 4, 2018.