Deane: Notable Easter baseball memories

From SABR member Bill Deane at WordPress on April 1, 2018:

With Easter upon us, I thought I’d share some notable baseball events that have occurred on Easters past:

April 11, 1852: Adrian “Cap” Anson is born at Marshalltown, Iowa (some sources say it was in 1851). Anson will play 27 seasons at the top level of pro baseball, topping .300 in 24 of them, and become the first player to amass 3,000 hits. He will become a charter member of the Hall of Fame in 1939.

April 1, 1888: The Texas League launches, with Houston defeating Galveston, 3-1, in the circuit’s very first game. Three thousand attend the game at Houston.

April 6, 1890: James “Red” Smith is born at Greenville, South Carolina. Smith (not the famous sportswriter) will play in 1,117 big league games with the Brooklyn Dodgers and Boston Braves, batting .278 lifetime and leading the NL in doubles in 1913.

April 17, 1892: Cincinnati hosts the first Sunday game in NL history, defeating St. Louis, 5-1, with the help of a Bid McPhee homer.

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Originally published: April 2, 2018. Last Updated: April 2, 2018.