Dewan: 2011 Total Runs leaderboards

From SABR member John Dewan at ACTA Sports on March 22, 2012:

One of the byproducts of our work developing a system to measure runs for defensive play (Defensive Runs Saved) is that we can combine it with runs for offensive play and runs for pitching.  We do this in the book, The Fielding Bible – Volume III, and call it Total Runs.  The goal for Total Runs is to capture a player’s entire contribution to his team in the currency of the game – runs.  Here is the top 10 leaderboard from the book for the 2011 season.  This is a list of the best overall players in baseball in 2011 based on all aspects of the game, as best we can measure them with our Total Runs system.

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Originally published: March 23, 2012. Last Updated: March 23, 2012.