Dewan: Fielding Bible Gold Glove contenders, part 2

From SABR member John Dewan at ACTA Sports on October 4, 2012:

A week ago, we looked at the top candidates for the Fielding Bible and Gold Glove Awards for catchers and infielders. This week, we’ll finish up with outfielders and pitchers.

I will try to outline some of my considerations for my picks for the Fielding Bible Awards. Evaluating player defensively involves both sabermetrics and visual observation. For the sabermetric part, I use Defensive Runs Saved. They are the numbers that are in parentheses next to the player names.

Left Fielders: Injuries have derailed the two preseason favorites for the Fielding Bible Award in left field. Brett Gardner and Carl Crawford have taken the award in five of six seasons. Between them, they’ve only played 44 games this season. We will have a new winner this year, and Alex Gordon has emerged as the obvious candidate for both the Fielding Bible Award and the AL Gold Glove.

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Originally published: October 4, 2012. Last Updated: October 4, 2012.