Dewan: Should Mike Piazza be in the Hall of Fame?

From SABR member John Dewan at ACTA Sports on January 11, 2013:

It was not surprising that no one was elected this year to the Hall of Fame, but that doesn’t mean it was fair. The biggest snub was Mike Piazza. Piazza played 16 years in the major leagues, mostly for the Dodgers and Mets. In that time there was no question about his offense. Despite playing his entire career in pitchers parks, he was head-and-shoulders the best hitting catcher during that entire time. In fact, it is fair to say that Mike Piazza was the best hitting catcher of ALL time.

Here are the all-time Runs Created leaders among catchers.

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Originally published: January 11, 2013. Last Updated: January 11, 2013.