Dewan: The impact of good plays and misplays

From SABR member John Dewan at ACTA Sports on March 13, 2012:

There are 54 separate Defensive Misplays and 28 separate Good Fielding Plays that Baseball Info Solutions has “scouted” going back to 2004.  One of our biggest undertakings in the last three years has been to convert Good Fielding Plays and Defensive Misplays into Runs Saved.  Today we’re going to walk through an example that shows the magnitude of what we now refer to as Good Play/Misplay Runs Saved.

Take, for example, Alfonso Soriano of the Chicago Cubs.  He’s now 36 years old and a below-average outfielder, according to Good Plays and Misplays.  In fact, his 13 runs lost on Good Plays and Misplays in the last three years is the worst among all outfielders. He had 22 Good Plays, 73 Misplays and 25 Errors. That’s 76 more misplays and errors than good plays. The next worst left fielder is exactly half as bad. Logan Morrison had 38 more misplays and errors than good plays. The best left fielder in GPF/DME runs saved is Jason Bay. He had 73 good plays and only 47 misplays and errors in the three years, a net of 26. Compared to Soriano’s net of -76.

Here is how they compare in runs saved.

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Originally published: March 13, 2012. Last Updated: March 13, 2012.