Dewan: What’s the deal with Omar Vizquel?

From SABR member John Dewan at ACTA Sports on January 23, 2018:

Last week, we looked at how Hall of Fame candidates Andruw Jones and Scott Rolen compared to other players at their positions in terms of Bill James’ Win Shares system. Today, we are going to look at how fellow first-time Hall of Fame candidate Omar Vizquel stacks up against other shortstops.

The following table ranks the shortstops with the most all-time career Win Shares.


In terms of overall Win Shares, Vizquel ranks 20th among shortstops. The players around him are Miguel Tejada, Julio Franco, Bert Campaneris, and Tony Fernandez. Some nearby Hall of Famers are Joe Sewell and Lou Boudreau, and he’s not too far behind Luis Aparicio, another enshrined player.

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Originally published: January 23, 2018. Last Updated: January 23, 2018.