‘Doc’ Glenn Fondly Remembered in Quebec

From SABR member Bill Young at Seamheads.com on May 16:

Word came down the other day that 84-year old Stanley “Doc” Glenn had passed away on April 16. Glenn, a rangy 6’ 2” son of a Virginia fisherman who once described himself as a journeyman catcher, was in fact a superior defensive rearguard with a great arm. During the 1940s he made his mark with the Philadelphia Stars of the Negro Leagues.

When the fortunes of black baseball declined at the end of the decade, he signed with the Boston Braves organization. After a couple of seasons in Hartford, he spent the last five years or so of his baseball life in the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

Then, his baseball journey completed, he returned to his home town of Yeadon, PA and entered the electrical supply business. More recently he became active in the Negro League Baseball Players Association, eventually becoming its president. While Doc is rightly honoured for his place in the history of the Negro Leagues, it is useful to remember that he holds a spot in the Canadian baseball narrative as well.

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Originally published: May 16, 2011. Last Updated: May 16, 2011.