Dotson: How bad are the 2016 Reds?

From SABR member Chad Dotson at Cincinnati Magazine on May 24, 2016:

Your Cincinnati Redlegs are 15-30. That’s fifteen wins in their first forty-five games. Yikes.

We knew it was going to be bad, but this is ridiculous. That’s a (let’s call it) suboptimal .333 winning percentage—and really, it doesn’t seem quite right to even refer to it as a “winning” percentage—better than only two other teams in the majors.

Let’s try, if we can, to forget that the Reds are embarking on a ten-game road trip that could make that percentage drop further. If we extrapolate that losing percentage out to a full season’s worth of games, you come up with a record of 54-108. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, friends and neighbors, that this would be the worst season in franchise history.

Take a look at this chart. It’s every Reds team that finished a season with a winning percentage below .400

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Originally published: May 24, 2016. Last Updated: May 24, 2016.