Doyel: In search of Oscar Charleston’s grave

From Gregg Doyel at the Indianapolis Star on October 31, 2015:

While I’m looking for Oscar Charleston, meet Steven T. Judy.

Forgive me for putting their names in the same sentence. In a better world, one where Steven T. Judy never existed, they wouldn’t belong in the same paragraph or story or species. But this isn’t that world. Their bodies, their bones, whatever’s left of Charleston and Judy, have resided for decades in the same grassy field: Floral Park Cemetery on Holt Road.

Steven Judy was subhuman, one of the worst fiends to come from Indianapolis, a rapist at 13 who posed as a Boy Scout to get into a woman’s home, where he stabbed her with a pocket knife until the blade broke off, then used a hatchet to bludgeon her skull. He raped her. Found guilty. Spent six whole months in a center for juvenile delinquents, then 2½ years in a state mental institution. It diagnosed him as a sexual psychopath, and in January 1973 sent him back into Indianapolis.

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Originally published: November 2, 2015. Last Updated: November 2, 2015.