Drooker: Top 10 baseball cards of the 1970s

From SABR member Don Drooker at Mastersball on June 22, 2012:

It was easy to tell when “Disco” died. In the classic movie “Airplane” (1980), you hear a DJ say “WZAZ, where disco lives forever” just before the plane’s wing shears off the radio station’s antenna on the final approach into Chicago. As usual, baseball managed to skirt the social issues of the day and create some classic memories for fans.

The decade began with the Orioles (and Series MVP Brooks Robinson) topping the Reds and included three titles for the Oakland Athletics as well as two each for the Reds, Yankees and Pirates. It was the end of an era for many Hall of Fame players and the beginning of legendary careers for others. The Topps company still dominated the marketplace and issued large sets (as many as 726 cards) to satisfy collectors. While some of this writer’s choices may not be the most valuable of the decade, they all have historic significance for baseball fans. As requested by some readers, you’ll also see the current value of each card in Near Mint (NM) condition as defined by a grade of “7” by PSA or Beckett.

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Originally published: June 22, 2012. Last Updated: June 22, 2012.