Dyer: Did Frank Sinatra really visit Lou Gehrig at Crosley Field?

From Mike Dyer at Cincinnati.com on October 8, 2014, with mention of SABR member John Thorn:

If only the ghost of Crosley Field could speak.

Surely the ballpark would share a story about Lou Gehrig’s final game appearance in a Yankees uniform 75 years ago Wednesday. And just maybe, a mystery would be solved.

Ray Dahlgren believes Frank Sinatra went to see Gehrig in a Crosley Field dugout during the 1939 World Series.

But there is debate about whether a photo widely shared online this summer of Gehrig and what looks like Sinatra is actually authentic.

Dahlgren, 71, is the son of the late Yankees first baseman Babe Dahlgren, who took over for Gehrig at first base on May 2, 1939, in Detroit. That’s when the Iron Horse took himself out of the lineup and ended his 2,130 consecutive games streak.

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Originally published: October 8, 2014. Last Updated: October 8, 2014.