Early White Sox scout’s scrapbook to auction

From Sports Collectors Daily on September 20, 2012:

Thank goodness George Earl Mills’ wife Ethel liked baseball.

When you’re married to a scout, it helps.

Baseball historians and collectors will be even more grateful to know Ethel Mills felt her husband’s work as a Chicago White Sox scout was important enough to preserve dozens of letters and telegrams sent to him by his boss, Charles Comiskey from 1909-1914.  The scrapbook she pieced together in later years reveals a 98-year-old baseball secret.

The Sox could have had Babe Ruth.

Kept in the family for decades, the scrapbook contains 41 letters from the notoriously tight owner of Chicago’s American League baseball team as well as 54 telegrams.  It has now been consigned to Robert Edward Auctions, which will offer it in its annual auction of baseball memorabilia next spring.  Letters with authentic Comiskey signatures are rare, but the correspondence itself may be more important.  Sports Collectors Daily has obtained an exclusive preview of the contents.

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Originally published: September 20, 2012. Last Updated: September 20, 2012.