Edelson: Local filmmaker’s documentary on Negro League players timely, important

From Stephen Edelson at the Asbury Park Press on February 13, 2018:

When Lauren Meyer, a baseball fan looking to make sense of racism, came up with the idea to reach out to former Negro League baseball players from the 1930s, 40s and 50s and request to interview them, she didn’t know where it would all lead.

But now, more than a decade later, the Central Jersey native and Rutgers graduate finds herself nearing the completion of a documentary film titled “The Other Boys of Summer.’’

It’s significant when you consider the 12 former players featured, some of whom played for the Newark Eagles and the New York Black Yankees, are pioneers whose stories don’t get nearly enough attention. And with racial division in our country still an important issue, highlighting their experiences is particularly timely.

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Originally published: February 15, 2018. Last Updated: February 15, 2018.