Everything You Always Wanted To Know About UZR But Were Afraid To Ask

From Dave Gershman at Beyond the Box Score on May 23:

The ability to substantiate defensive performance in an analytical form has become, in essence, almost a necessity for sabermetricians in need of verification of whether a fielder is a solid defender or not. Since 2002, UZR (Ultimate Zone Rating) has been the most commonly used defensive metric for those who have cognition of its importance. Heck, the majority of people that have the time, patience, and an abundance of baseball comprehension are aware of the difference between UZR and highly flawed statistics such as fielding percentage and errors.

Even with one’s ability to bestow his or her knowledge of UZR, many don’t seem fully aware of its background or the ways a certain fielder can improve or negate his Ultimate Zone Rating. Before we dig in to that, confabulating the background of UZR sounds like a grand idea, wouldn’t you say?

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Originally published: May 23, 2011. Last Updated: May 23, 2011.