Felber: What if instant replay had existed in baseball way back when?

From SABR member Bill Felber at Our Game on December 11, 2017:

Whatever else it has done, the implementation of replay review has toned down some of baseball’s most argumentative moments. Gone are the days when a Bobby Cox, Lou Piniella, Sparky Anderson or Earl Weaver could combine cathartic exercise with theatrical relief disputing an umpire’s judgment call. The modern skipper just signals for the replay booth.

How different the game would have been if replay review had always been in effect. Possession of one or two World Series championships might have changed hands, at least one lost perfect game would have been ratified, a handful of umpires might have kept their jobs and a few players — and fans — would have stayed out of jail.

Below is a chronological description of a few of the most contentious disputes whose precipitation would have been avoided by replay, had that methodology existed at the time.

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Originally published: December 11, 2017. Last Updated: December 11, 2017.