Fellone: Grave concern: Fred Worth has a unique hobby

From Frank Fellone at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on March 1, 2020, on SABR member Fred Worth:

If George Will is right, what Fred Worth has done is monumental.

Worth visits graves. Baseball graves. To date, 7,590 of them, with a trip through the West planned for summer to visit more.

His hobby is unusual, Worth said, but not unique. Some people visit the graves of Civil War soldiers; others the graves of movie stars. But when it comes to graves of people who played professional baseball, or worked in professional baseball, he’s tops. Second place belongs to his wife, Beth, who has tagged along for about 3,000 graves.

He’s visited graves in every state save Alaska and Hawaii — there’s one in the former, five in the latter — has a binder with photos and locations of each grave visited in each state, and maintains a database of the whole.

“It’s a blast,” Worth said in his office at Henderson State University, where he has taught math for 29 years. This office, in Evans Hall, is a baseball hoarder’s delight, full of caps and books and assorted memorabilia. He has also written a textbook, College Mathematics Through Baseball, and is a member of the Robinson-Kell chapter of the Society of American Baseball Research.

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Originally published: March 2, 2020. Last Updated: March 2, 2020.