Ferkovich: Everything you need to know about the 1908 Cubs

From SABR member Scott Ferkovich at The Hardball Times on October 7, 2016:

The Chicago Cubs have had a wonderful summer so far. Their fans, which are legion, are fully confident that Joe Maddon’s men will steamroll through the playoffs.

The further this team advances, the more we are going to hear that they have not won a World Series in 108 years.

We know a lot about 2016’s North Side baseball entity, but we may not be as familiar with the Cubs of 1908.

For one thing, that team did not even play on the North Side. Wrigley Field was still a few years away from being built for the Federal League’s Chicago Whales (In fact, its original name would be Weeghman Park, after club owner Charles Weeghman.). The Cubs in 1908 played in a dilapidated wooden firetrap called West Side Park, situated on a plot of land bounded by Polk Street to the north, Taylor to the south, Wood to the east, and Lincoln (now Wolcott Avenue) to the west. The area is currently home to the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center.

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Originally published: October 7, 2016. Last Updated: October 7, 2016.