Ferkovich: Whatever happened to the .300-hitting team?

From SABR member Scott Ferkovich at The Hardball Times on January 9, 2017:

Are you ready for a real stumper, folks? When was the last time a major league team batted at least .300 in a season?

Was it some altitude-enhanced squad from Colorado during the Blake Street Bombers era? Or maybe one of those high-octane Indians lineups from the late 1990s? What about the speedy Cardinals from the ’80s, known for slashing base hits on the rock-hard fake turf at Busch Stadium? And let’s not forget the Big Red Machine of the ’70s, with Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, George Foster, and Ken Griffey Sr. Surely that team must have hit .300 a couple of years?

The truth is we have to go back much further than that to find the answer. It has not happened since the Boston Red Sox hit .302 in 1950. That is an incredibly long time.

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Originally published: January 9, 2017. Last Updated: January 9, 2017.