For diehards, traces of Montreal’s baseball history are there for the finding

From the Canadian Press on April 8, 2019, with mention of SABR member Patrick Carpentier:

As rumours about professional baseball’s return to Montreal continue to percolate, sharp-eyed visitors to the city can find tributes to its rich baseball past.

Patrick Carpentier, a historian who heads the Quebec chapter of the Society for American Baseball Research, says Montreal is very much a hockey town, so you’ve got to travel a little farther and look a little more closely to find those spots.

“Baseball is almost like second fiddle,” Carpentier says. “We’re trying to enhance the history of baseball in Montreal, and it’s hard, but there are many places you can go and visualize the history of baseball around town.”

That history begins with several decades of high-level minor league baseball with the storied Montreal Royals franchise, before giving way to the Montreal Expos between 1969 and their departure for Washington following the 2004 season.

While most fans talk up the exploits of players like Tim Raines, Pedro Martinez and Vladimir Guerrero, it’s an even more legendary baseball figure whose traces are most visible around town.

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Originally published: April 8, 2019. Last Updated: April 8, 2019.