Forbes Field Chapter Chairman Bob Sproule Interviewed

Bob Sproule, chairman of SABR’s Forbes Field Chapter in Pittsburgh, was interviewed by the Pittsburgh Sports Daily Bulletin on July 11:

“People should realize that SABR is a number of things. 

The image is of a group of stats-freak, baseball nerds who sit in front of computers all day and come up with all of these arcane statistics. Do some of these people actually watch a ball game?

There is that element to it, of course, but SABR is also, primarily, I believe, a group of baseball fans. Men and women who love to watch a ballgame, argue about it, compare different eras, and simply enjoy the game and its history.

The Pittsburgh Chapter is primarily comprised of those kinds of fans.  We meet on a formal basis twice a year – in the Spring and the Fall.  We also gather for two informal “hot stove” sessions in the winter and summer.

At our formal meetings, we do have members give presentations on any topic that they may have researched on their own. Topics have ranged from locating home plate at Exposition Park to the history of Greenlee Field to the 1909 World Series to the Hollywood Stars as a Pirates farm club to … well, you get the idea. 

We also like to try to get guest speakers (Bob Friend, Chuck Tanner, Steve Blass, Dave Littlefield, and Frank Coonelly have been our guests in the past) and visiting authors.

Our informal hot stove sessions are just that – informal. No agenda, no speakers, no presentations … just people gathering together to have a sandwich and beer or soda to talk baseball. Our next session is set for Wednesday, August 10 at the SoHo Restaurant in the Springhill Suites across from PNC Park. Anybody should feel free to stop on down and join us.

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Originally published: July 15, 2011. Last Updated: July 15, 2011.