Foster: 30 years ago, Bob Horner hit four home runs — and the Braves still lost

From SABR member Jason Foster at The Sporting News on July 6, 2016:

Fans of the 2016 Braves would probably say that if there was ever a team that could have a player hit four homers in a game and still lose, it would be the current Atlanta nine.

Fans of the 1986 Braves probably thought the same thing — but they actually got to experience it.

It was 30 years ago today — July 6, 1986 — that Braves slugger Bob Horner clubbed four home runs in an 11-8 home loss to the Expos. Horner was the 11th player in history to accomplish the four-homer feat, but he’s still the only player in the modern era to touch ‘em all four times in one game and still have his team come up short.

In 2016, Braves fans would call that Barving. In 1986, it was just weird.

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Originally published: July 6, 2016. Last Updated: July 6, 2016.