From the Evening Telegram, 1905

Courtesy of David W. Smith

Full Text from the New York Evening Telegram of June 29, 1905.  Note the reference to Graham

Giants’ Bats Toll Brooklyn’s Knell

Champions hit the ball hard and beat Hanlonites 11 to 1, with ease

It was almost too easy for the Giants to beat Brooklyn at Washington Park, Brooklyn, this afternoon.  The final score was 11 to 1, and at no stage of the proceedings were the champions hard pressed.  Eason was batted out of the box in three innings and Doescher, who followed him, was wild.  Mathewson pitched his usual fine game and allowed only two hits while in the box.

The game gave the champions a chance to try out some of their bench warming talent.  Elliott and Clarke succeeded Mathewson and Bowerman in the points; “Sammy” Strang tried his hand at covering first while McGann rested, and Archie Graham had two joyous innings the right garden while George Browne hustled into his street clothes.

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