Gallagher: SABR’s Expos book charms the heart

From SABR member Danny Gallagher at the Canadian Baseball network on August 5, 2016:

There is nothing like nuggets in a book to charm one’s heart.

That’s what you get in Au Jeu/Play Ball: The 50 Greatest Games in the History of the Montreal Expos published by the U.S.-based Society for American Baseball Research and edited by Norm King of Ottawa.

Check out the early stages of the book when the hero of Jonesville, Mack Jones, got back to his hotel room to find his phone ringing off the hook.

“When I got back to the hotel, I had something like 150 phone calls from 12 until 6 the next morning,’’ Jones told reporters. “And it was all females. I think I got the record for that.”

There is fascinating information all through the book which features a Foreword by fabled Expos’ play-by-play man Dave Van Horne. This is a book that deals only with wins. There are no losses as King wanted to dwell on the positives, not losing games like Blue Monday Oct. 19, 1981, the most heartbreaking setback in the history of the Expos’ franchise.

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Originally published: August 8, 2016. Last Updated: August 8, 2016.