Gentile: The greatest offensive trios in baseball history

From James Gentile at Beyond the Box Score on December 17, 2012:

After signing a contract worth 125 million dollars over 5 years, Josh Hamilton is set to join both Mike Trout and Albert Pujols in the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim lineup in 2013. Hamilton has been reliably one of the best hitters in baseball over the past few seasons, with injuries keeping him from posting some truly historic numbers in that time.

The signing comes with Hamilton just two years removed from a fantastic 8 WAR MVP season, and he’ll join Mike Trout, proud owner of an unearthly 10 WAR rookie season last year, and Albert Pujols, the greatest hitter of the generation. This trio of immense talent is sure to be one of the better offensive threesomes in the game next season, and if everything goes according to plan, perhaps even one of the best in recent history.

Just how well would Hamilton, Pujols, and Trout have to perform to rate as one of the better positional trios since the turn of the century? Here’s a look at the top ten.

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Originally published: December 17, 2012. Last Updated: December 17, 2012.