Given: ‘Kind hearts everywhere I went’: Roadtripping with the Baseball Brit

From Karen Given at NPR’s Only a Game on January 24, 2020, on SABR member Joey Bellows:


I don’t know if you’ve noticed this — you probably have — but the news lately has been discouraging.

It seems like no matter which side of the U.S. political aisle you’re on, you’re probably not terribly happy with the way things are going.

But I recently talked to a guy who feels pretty differently about this place many of us call home. And, maybe not coincidentally, he’s British.


Growing up on the South Coast of England, Joey Mellows — the Baseball Brit — didn’t know anything about baseball. But he did know that everyone around him seemed to be on the same path — Joey calls it a “conveyor belt”: study hard, get good grades, go to university, meet someone you can spend your life with, buy a car, take on a mortgage, have a baby.

In 2014, when Joey was approaching 30 years old, he decided to take a job teaching in South Korea. Why?

Listen to the full interview here:

Originally published: January 27, 2020. Last Updated: January 27, 2020.