Gleeman: Minnesota’s march to home run history

From SABR member Aaron Gleeman at Baseball Prospectus on August 9, 2019:

Minnesota won the World Series in 1991 while hitting 140 homers and allowing 139 homers, out-homering their opponents by the slimmest of margins. Then, beginning in 1992 and extending through 2018, the Twins were out-homered by their opponents in 26 of the next 27 years, including each of the last 14 years. During that 27-season stretch, the Twins allowed an astounding 1,149 more home runs than they hit.

To put that in some context, consider that during the same span Ken Griffey Jr. and Manny Ramirez combined to hit 1,125 homers — 570 for Griffey, 555 for Ramirez — meaning you could have added both all-time great sluggers to Minnesota’s lineup for essentially their entire careers, without even subtracting anyone else to make room for them, and the Twins still would have been out-homered from 1992-2018.

Things have, uh, changed.

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Originally published: August 9, 2019. Last Updated: August 9, 2019.