Goldman: When the lights go on again (all over the world)

From SABR member Steven Goldman at Baseball Prospectus on March 17, 2020:

How long can you hold your breath? I mean psychologically. How long can you wait for the other shoe to drop when the length of that pregnant pause is undefined? How long can you wait for Mike Trout, Christian Yelich, and Cody Bellinger to play again?

We are talking now about the emotional strain of life during wartime, which is in some ways not too different from life during coronavirus. As in times of war, we are experiencing a dramatic alteration of normal social routines and the threat of death from unnatural causes, in this case neither via bombs falling from the sky nor tanks rolling across the border, but due to invasion by a microscopic demon-packet of rogue genetic material spread by sneeze. Other nations are further down the invasion road; we are in the early stages, though it might be more accurate to say we don’t know where we are due to a lack of comprehensive testing.

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Originally published: March 19, 2020. Last Updated: March 19, 2020.