Gregorich: Turning ideas into baseball books

From SABR member Barbara Gregorich at on April 15, 2015:

I, and I suspect many other writers, feel great annoyance when somebody asks us, “Where do your ideas come from?” That’s because ideas come from everywhere. They come from within. From without. From above, below, and sideways. From the ground we walk and the air we breathe. Sometimes they come solo, sometimes attached to other ideas, which in turn become their own stories. “Where do you get your ideas?” is one of those questions that usually can’t be answered because the answer is amorphous.

A progression of ideas-into-books, however, or the relationship between these books, is more easily traced. Take as an example a book I’m sort of working on, now and then. I may or may not finish it.

But how did I come up with it in the first place? Well, if I hadn’t written She’s on First (my first novel, 1986), I would never have wondered, What’s the true story of women who played baseball? And if I hadn’t asked myself that question and then gone to investigate, I would never have written Women at Play: The Story of Women in Baseball (1993).

Had I not written Women at Play, I would not have written approximately 30 magazine or newspaper articles about women who play or played baseball. Definitely not: I would have skipped all the articles and gone directly to writing my next book.

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Originally published: April 15, 2015. Last Updated: April 15, 2015.