Grosnick: Which teams should try the ‘Opener’ in 2019?

From Bryan Grosnick at Baseball Prospectus on March 4, 2019:

The decision to try “the opener” strategy isn’t something a team should take lightly, and many teams just don’t seem to be constructed in a way to fully benefit from it. After all, we’ve yet to see conclusive proof that this strategy provides certain value, and the change of pitching roles might be hard for some teams to swallow. In past springs, before it was actually an in-use strategy, I identified several squads that could’ve benefited from it—the 2014 Royals, the 2015 Orioles, the 2017 Padres—and 2019 breeds no exception.

There are multiple teams that could benefit from trying it this season, based on a handful of factors. Let’s narrow it down.

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Originally published: March 4, 2019. Last Updated: March 4, 2019.