Harper: Mets, Yankees shortstops seem good to the eye — but metrics say otherwise

From John Harper at the New York Daily News on February 8, 2017, with mention of SABR member Ben Jedlovec:

To the naked eye 2016 seemed to be a very good year for shortstops in New York, with the glove as well as the bat.

Asdrubal Cabrera was a sure-handed revelation for the Mets, handling the position so impressively that Terry Collins practically mocked the scouts who had warned him Cabrera could no longer play short adequately.

Didi Gregorius, despite a few too many careless errors, played with such electric athleticism and eye-popping arm strength that it was hard to disagree with Yankees GM Brian Cashman, at season’s end, calling him “an exceptional defender.”

And yet the cold, cruel analytics say both of these guys were among the worst defensive shortstops in the majors last season.

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Originally published: February 9, 2017. Last Updated: February 9, 2017.