Harrington: The true story of Si Johnson of Sheridan

From Mark Harrington at WSPY Radio on Aril 6, 2019, with mention of SABR member Matthew Clifford:

There is no joy in Mudville these days. Yes, Mighty Casey has struck out. But that story continues to live in a slightly different way in Norway, Sheridan, Newark, or Marseilles.

They still remember the name, Silas Johnson of Sheridan and a true story often confused. One mention at his alma mater Newark High School or a gaze at a plaque, Si Johnson is the last pitcher to strike out the famous Babe Ruth.

Before you say wow, wait a minute. Matthew Clifford of Leland knows the real story.

In researching baseball box scores, Cincinnati Reds right-handed pitcher Si Johnson was not the last man to strike out the immortal Babe Ruth, record owner of 714 home runs.

So how did Clifford uncover a dusty mystery?

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Originally published: April 30, 2019. Last Updated: April 30, 2019.