Hauls of Shame: More Evidence of HOF Thefts

From SABR member Peter J. Nash at Hauls of Shame on November 7, 2011:

With news of yet another public offering of a rare document suspected to have been stolen from the famous August Herrmann Papers archive at the National Baseball Library, officials at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum continue to decline comment on what appears to be the tip of the iceberg on a long-neglected scandal.

Last week, Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas, Texas, withdrew a letter written by Pirate owner Barney Dreyfus to National League President John Heydler about a protested game in 1924. The letter appears to have originated from the Hall of Fame’s voluminous files of Major League Baseball’s former ruling body, the National Commission. The Hall maintains a collection of National League protested game files from 1902 to 1926 and over the past few decades numerous letters that appear to have been wrongfully removed from those files, with no mention of their provenance or origin, have been sold at public auction by the nation’s largest sports collectibles companies.

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Originally published: November 9, 2011. Last Updated: November 9, 2011.