Historical Black Newspapers Collection added to SABR Research Resources

SABR logoJULY 18, 2023 — SABR members can already take advantage of free online access to The Sporting News archives through Paper of Record and the Newspapers.com World Collection. Today, another invaluable new archive has been added to our Research Resources as a benefit for all members.

The Historical Black Newspapers Collection, available through ProQuest, offers essential primary source content and editorial perspectives from 12 distinguished African American newspapers in the United States. Each of these Historical Black Newspapers provides researchers with unprecedented access to perspectives and information that were excluded or marginalized in mainstream sources. The content, including articles, obituaries, photos, editorials, and more, is easily accessible for scholars in the study of the history of race relations, journalism, local and national politics, education, African American studies, and many multidisciplinary subjects.

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Examine major movements from the Harlem Renaissance to Civil Rights, and explore everyday life as written in the Chicago Defender, The Baltimore Afro-American, New York Amsterdam News, Pittsburgh Courier, Los Angeles Sentinel, Louisville Defender, Atlanta Daily World, The Norfolk Journal and Guide, The Philadelphia Tribune, Cleveland Call and Post, Kansas City Call and Michigan Chronicle. Click here to learn more about this collection.

The ProQuest platform offers powerful and easy-to-use tools, including complete cover to cover full-page and article images in easily downloadable PDF format, and the ability to search many different article types.

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Originally published: July 18, 2023. Last Updated: July 18, 2023.