Honoring the Brooklyn Dodgers players still living in 2012

From SABR member Emma Amaya at Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World on January 12, 2012:

For the last three years I’ve been maintaining this list keeping track of our old Brooklyn Dodgers. When I did last year’s post on January 10 [2011], it started with a video of Duke Snider in the game show “What is my Line”. Sad that in 2011, we lost nine of these players, including the Duke. 

We have 44 surviving Brooklyn Dodger Players. Let’s see how the list looks using WordPress.

Name Birthplace.  Other info Born
Mike Sandlock  Old Greenwich, CT.  Golfer 10/17/1915
Ray Hathaway  Grinville, OH.  Minor league manager 10/13/1916
Lee Pfund    ILL.  His son was manager of Miami Heats 10/10/1919
Luis Olmo       Puerto Rico.  Played for Mexico and Cuba 10/11/1919
Boyd Bartley   Chicago.  Played in nine games in 1949   2/11/1920
Jean-Pierre Roy Canada.  Commentator for the Expos 6/26/1920
Pat McGlothin  Coalfield, TN.  Ezra Mac was a pitcher 10/20/1920

View the full list here: http://crzblue.mlblogs.com/2012/01/12/honoring-the-brooklyn-dodger-players-alive-as-of-january-12-2012/

Originally published: January 13, 2012. Last Updated: January 13, 2012.