Hummel: What’s causing the high turnover rate among pitching coaches?

From Rick Hummel at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on November 27, 2017:

Never had three managers from playoff teams been fired from those teams after they were eliminated from the playoffs. But the New York Yankees’ Joe Girardi, Boston’s John Farrell and Washington’s Dusty Baker all were shown the door almost immediately after their seasons ended last month.

“I don’t really remember having this many managerial changes with good clubs,” said Dave Dombrowski, Boston Red Sox president of baseball operations.

Coupled with other firings by the New York Mets, Philadelphia and Detroit, six managers were dismissed. As weighty as that seems, however, consider that fully 10 pitching coach changes have been made and another is imminent.

It used to be that the pitching coach was a buddy, perhaps even a drinking buddy, of the manager, and when the manager went, so did the pitching coach. But this off-season, five clubs, including the Cardinals, already have changed pitching coaches without firing the manager.

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Originally published: November 27, 2017. Last Updated: November 27, 2017.