Hurte: A unique walk-off at Forbes Field

From SABR member Bob Hurte at on June 18, 2012:

I attended a SABR meeting of the Connie Mack Chapter in June of this year.  It was held at Waterfront Park in Trenton, New Jersey.  This is home to the Trenton Thunder, the ‘AA’ affiliate for the New York Yankees.  That day one of the presentations was about players that had hit over twenty triples and homeruns in the same season.  This has only been accomplished seven times in the history of the game.  This was first accomplished by Frank “Wildfire” Schultz in 1911 and more recently by both Jimmy Rollins and Curtis Granderson in 2007.

Someone in the audience remarked that it was surprising that no one who played at Pittsburgh’s Forbes Field ever accomplished this feat given its deep dimensions.

That last comment got me to thinking; the triple is considered one of the most exciting plays in baseball by sport’s enthusiasts.  So, an “inside the park” homerun was even more exciting if not rarer.

While Ty Cobb holds the record for the most inside the park homers in a career with 64, he never hit one as odd as the one that occurred at Forbes Field on July 25, 1956.  That day the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates squared off in a National League contest.  It was first described to me by an old friend, Nellie King.

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Originally published: June 18, 2012. Last Updated: June 18, 2012.